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Alan Freeman, Digital Binding™

What Came Next

“I was walking out of the theater after watching a major motion picture based on a classic fantasy novel,” Alan remembers. “I heard someone behind me utter that line: The movie was great, but not as good as the book. How many more people would have enjoyed the book if they were more inclined to read it?”

It was with those people in mind that Alan set out to create a new form of media combining print and visual with conceptual elements, such as storyline, narrative and interpretation. Alan knew his invention could eventually reach millions – if not billions – of people worldwide who need a little nudge toward engagement with the written word.

Inventor and Read Access managing member, remembers the first time it hit him:

​People aren’t reading. They want to. But today, amid such advanced media, books might not be the best way to convey messages or ideas.

Now, with his patent secured after a years-long fight, Alan and Read Access, LLC are poised to reshape the way we look at literacy. With this brilliant new technology just emerging, now might be your best – if not only – chance to climb aboard this new movement.

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