Welcome to Read Access LLC

Ever have people tell you the book was better than the movie? Everyone should be saying that.

Read Access, LLC is the sole proprietor of the Digital Binding™ system, a new form of reading combining print and visual media with conceptual elements, such as storyline, narrative and interpretation.

Digital Binding™ technology is a solution for all types of documents, from novels to textbooks to learning modules. The applications of Digital Binding™ are infinite and truly only limited by your imagination. Read Access, LLC looks forward to being your partner as the only source in the world for this amazing new technology.

We invite you to consider how much more effective your project will become once you combine your text with stimuli that engage the entire mind – not just those things appealing to lifelong readers.

At Read Access, we not only hope to make reading easier, we hope to get more people reading. Through a more literate society, partnered with people who want to improve their businesses as much as their communities, we aim to make a positive impact on the world.

We look forward to hearing you.
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